we are an alternative creative studio based in KL, MY.

we get a kick out of enabling brands to connect with and grow their audience, and provide alternative solutions based on their needs.

so yes, we got you.

we live strongly by the d-i-y ethos and our keen eye for aesthetics, curiosity for data and tech, and passion for problem solving means that we are able to take on traditional and experimental projects.

we’re tasteful. we’re transparent. we’re curious. our alternative and nuanced approach makes for effective problem solving. we don’t just make, we teach too. eventually, you won’t even need us because we’ve taught you all we know. (but pls still hire us).

independent business owners. independent bands. independent artists. independent potatoes. independent individuals. period.

we. are. (pronounced) so-ni-cle. a.k.a. an abbreviated sonic circle.

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